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Mental health has been a much-discussed issue in recent times. Mental illness which, until a few years ago, was taboo as a topic of discussion amongst people in general because it was considered a social stigma is now an all-important subject.

According to statistics, about ten per cent of the Indian population suffers from mental illness out of which, in one per cent it is severe. Neurosis, stress-related diseases, schizophrenia, obsessive behaviour, dementia, etc, are some of cheap replica watch uk them we often come across.

Present-day lifestyle and the pace at which our lives move are responsible for these conditions to a vast extent. Today people all over are encouraged to talk about their experiences and problems. They have begun to realize how important it is to share information and ideas since personal health affects
community health.

Our new issue focuses on some of them.

The ELJ team also has an important announcement to make. From next time ELJ will be published twice a year. Due to an increase in workload we have had to take this perfect replica watches uk decision. However, we hope to bring you more stories. So do keep an eye out.


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