The Notion
- Leila A Fortier

I split my lip against unspoken notions...Ravished within the parallel of dreams~ There
Are those that assume they know this hunger~ They look through the scope
Of the obvious and miss the secret~ But you unearthed a thousand
Words lost within the forest of my femininity~ The treasure
Of my joyful repression~ Ecstasy of my abstinence~
Clinging to resistance till sanity is no longer
An option~ I let go into madness and
Swallow the dreams you crawl
Into~ It is all here...This
Orgasmic churning
Inside of me~
We drink
~As if there has never been water ... never been rain

Leila A Fortier is a poet, artist, and photographer currently residing in Okinawa, Japan, while pursuing her BFA in Creative Writing through Southern New Hampshire University. Her unique visual poetry is the specially crafted formation of abstract designs, often accompanied by her own multi-medium forms of art, photography, and spoken performance. Much of her work has been translated into French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, German, Hindi, and Japanese in a rapidly growing project to raise global unity and understanding through the cultural diversity of poetry and literature.

Her work has been published in a vast array of literary magazines, journals, and reviews both in print and online. In 2007, she initiated the anthology A World of Love: Voices for Carmen as a benefit against domestic violence, and in 2010, composed a photo book entitled Pappankalan, India: Through the Eyes of Children to benefit the education of impoverished Indian children. She is also the author of Metanoia's Revelation through iUniverse.