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Tan Twan Eng
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Paintings: Donovan Roebert
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Dilip Bobb


I try to be so Buddhist...
- Robbie Sugg

I try to be so Buddhist
about 'things'
'No attachment' attached to
every attainment
All emptiness

But I can't help the attraction
to it
the Spirit of Objects
as revealed by the hand

Particles form, wood grows its self until
some hand cuts it with
vision or
no vision
joins it, nails it
polishes surface, shines its
iridescent nature, making a table
a wall, a statue, a bowl could be similar to
the gravity that everything
gravitates to.

The body of a Tibetan ewer made of
two human skulls joined at the brow
ridge from which the pouring teaches
that the mind
is egg-shaped.

I cannot separate myself from the notion
that consciousness is palpable.

What miles of brain could read
between the spines of fault zones?
Only that miles of brain
run through the spine of bone
when Everything orbits

To float the river of ash
through the Milky Way
Many look into the glow of screens
for news or story when
the oldest story is revealed
when you find yourself looking
into stone.

Robbie Sugg is a native Californian artist, musician, and poet currently living in San José. His work is informed by the diverse and interconnected ecology, geology, and human potency of California, the American West, and beyond. His studies in Japanese language, philosophy, and art have expanded his participation in the Pacific Rim cultural mosaic.