poetry (audio)

Hiroshima, Mon Amour
- Sylvia Ashby
(after Marguerite Duras)

In Nevers
town in France
on River Ota
the dust fell
on bare tree limbs
on bare dark skins
on old brick walls
through gold-traced screens
The glittering original dust fell
into my cold cellar
in winter
in Nevers
where I died
on River Ota
where I survived
suffering and silent cries
and the lingering dream
of another suffering
in Nevers
quiet town
on Ota
distant stream.

Sylvia Ashby has a background in theatre, acting and writing. She has published fifteen scripts, but only recently ventured into literary magazines. She has also done some poetry. Recent publications include a short memoir on Anderbo.com and poems in Right Hand Pointing and Vine Leaves (online literary magazines from Manhattan and Athens).