photographs: Kavita Jaiswal

'Edinburgh, India and Me' is a set of three Photogravure Etchings, Created by Kavita Jaiswal during her Artist in Residence Programme at the Edinburgh Printmakers Scotland, under the Charles Wallace India Trust Award , awarded by the British Council New Delhi.

The artist here has combined her language as an artist, with the rich experience of the Indian visual design culture and her experience at Edinburgh Festival of the Arts held each year in Scotland.

She has used a combination of the Festival magazine covers, photo copies of prints from her Indian clothes and her abstract marks, a part of her visual language as an artist. All three components were then sandwiched together in layers to create zinc plates for etchings using the Photogravure Printmaking technique, which she researched during her residency at the Edinburgh Printmakers. These three prints are a result of the above.

Kavita Jaiswal is an award-winning artist. More about her on

Edinburgh, India and Me: Three Photogravure Etchings , by Kavita Jaiswal